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We are travel blog featuring travel tips and photography from around the world.


About us
An international couple with passion for travelling and photography.


We take every opportunity to go away and explore the World! The passion for photography lets us capture our favourite locations, moments, and experiences which we share with you on this website. This artistic approach to traveling and lifestyle inspire loads of people to make their travel plans and visit the same places.

All places, hotels, restaurants, and activities we share here are carefully planned and we only recommend the ones if we truly liked them.

Save your time and find inspirations here for your next trip in our travel photography!


meet partimetravelers

Passionate about travel and photography. Living in UK.

Claudia Ferreira

Cardiac Scrub Nurse working in the private hospital. Besides of her responsible role in career, she is passionate about Fashion, Photography, and Videography. She always plan outfits and accessories according to locations and cultures to tell great stories on photos and videos. Loves exploring and learning about new destinations. Very skilled in running social media .

Michal Lastowski

Yacht Designer with the strong passion for Art, Design and Architecture. Enjoys the whole photography process from choosing the gear to post production and marketing. Applying his design skills to add artistic look to all shared content and visuals. Always looking for new travel experiences and ideas for creative content creation.

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