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Top 11 tips  for visiting Venice.


Venice is a famous from being one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It is full of culture and history. Whether you are visiting to see the sights of the city or to enjoy the excellent food, you won’t leave disappointed. The city has attracted lovers, artists and poets for centuries, and never fails to inspire those who visit. You won’t need to use much transport, because it’s easy to explore by foot. Walking on beautiful pathways and bridges isn’t the only way to get around Venice. But there’s nothing more romantic than a ride in a gondola. 
Visiting Venice can be expensive, but doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to truly enjoy the magical city. Falling into the tourist traps is quite easy, especially close to main attractions. We have put together our insider tips about: when to visit, where to stay, what to eat and how to get around on a budget. Helping you to save on overpriced items so you don’t have to renounce great experiences. We will also give you few tips to make your planning easier. Welcome to our 11 tips for visiting Venice.



1. Visit in off season.

We went in January for Claudia birthday. Off Peak season in Venice means: less tourists, cheaper hotel rooms and restaurants don’t rise their prices.




2. Choose family run B&B or rent a short-term apartment.

Skip the large hotels and opt to small business. We stayed in Relais Venezia. The hotel was great, the location amazing and we had breakfast served to bed with no extra price.


3. Gondolas are a once in a lifetime experience, but it can be very expensive!

A gondola ride along Venice’s canals starts at around €50 an hour. So if the ride is a must for you, we suggest agreeing on the price before the ride to avoid any surprises.



4. Public transport in Venice.

The Vaporetto is a public water bus. It’s economic way to move around Venice by water. it stops at the main attractions with convenient deals. A one way ticket will cost you 7€. But if you are planing to use it more, you should get 12hours ticket at 18€, 24h for 20€ or 7 day pass for 50€.

When we were about to buy our tickets, another couple, who was leaving Venice, gave us their tickets. We were very lucky, but we always do the same. You give you receive!






5. Explore the real Venice.

You won’t need any transport in no cars city. Venice is perfect city to explore by foot. Don’t worry if you get lost, everyone does, we did, but it’s all part of the experience.




6. Go to fish market.

Just behind the corner from the Rialto bridge you can find a food market. It has very good atmosphere and it let you watch Venetians on their casual shopping. We always love to go where most of local people are.



7. For great meals, step away from the main streets!

It’s difficult to dislike Italian food, but it is not always that easy to find the best restaurant. We recommend to stay away from multi lingual menus with photos of plates. This restaurants are overpriced and aim for quantity over the quality. Our favorite restaurant was the Conca d’Oro , recommended by our Italian receptionist. They served the best calzone we have ever had in our life.



8. If you love photography you must go to Burano.

Burano is among the top 10 most colorful cities in the world. We are dedicating separate post for this little island. Make sure to read about it, because in our opinion it is must-see when visiting Venice.


9. Casino. 

Casino di Venezia is the world oldest gaming house and its charm has remained unaltered over the years.
If you are going to Venice around your birthday, visit the casino on your day and get a special treatment. You will get small present like power bank for phones or two decks of playing cards signed by the Venice casino.


10.  Libreria Acqua Alta

Our strong tip is to visit Libreria Acqua Alta, a bookshop that is a mix between a market and a serious library. It’s definite must for book and photography lovers.

It has various rooms, in which there are different random object. One with gondola stacked with books, the other with rowing boats and bath tubs full of old second hand atlases, dictionaries and many other books. There is something special about this place. In the back room you can look out to one of the channels which makes this place more special.


11. The Rialto bridge.

Probably the most visited and photographed bridge in Venice. the Rialto bridge opened in 1591 was for nearly 300 years the only way to cross the grand canal on foot. If there’s one sight in Venice that everyone knows it’s this bridge.


…Venice will be always one of our favorites cities…



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