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Hi everyone,


Today we decide to write about our trip to Amsterdam.


Why ?


Amsterdam it’s a must-see for many different reasons, we decided to go there in another way. We were going to Poland for Easter to visit Michal’s family, but direct flights were quite expensive. We looked up online for more options.


Skyscanner it’s the website that we use the most often to find flights. You can put departure airport and leave destination blank. Than you look for cheapest flights which look attractive to you. We found out that it would be cheaper to stop for one night in Amsterdam and fly to Poland on the next day than buying direct flights. That was no-brainer for us.


This is a good idea for couples that want to visit a lot of places but don’t have enough holidays or their budget low.



Amsterdam it’s the city of coffee shops, museums, bikes and entertainment.


We stayed in West Cord Fashion Hotel. It’s a very  artistic place,  with design in every corner. We loved our stay there.



We couldn’t go to Amsterdam and not use bikes, especially that Michal loves biking a lot. So we decided to rent them, what made it more convenient is that our hotel offered bike hire.


Biking in Amsterdam can be a bit stressful, everyone is cycling and streets in city center are very busy.




  • Make sure you know where you left and locked your bike, it can be difficult to find it, because there are bikes everywhere. You might even forget how your bike looked like. Use your smartphone take a photo of it and the area around. Believe me,It might save you later.
  • Anne Frank’s house, book in advance online, we have tried 2 months in advance but everything was sold out. Probably because it was Easter time , and loads of schools organise trips to that place
  • Do you like beer? Heineken museum it’s a must-go, very interactive tour, interesting way of learning and obviously few drinks to try.
  • Prepare your wallet because Amsterdam it’s a lovely city to go shopping. There are few beautiful streets with many nice stores.
  • Do you like chocolate and sweets, If so, you don’t need anything more than amsterdam can offer you. Nutella is everywhere, just try whatever you fancy and there is no bad decisions.
  • If you want a cool photo next to Iamsterdam letters  go very early in the morning or late at night, this way you can avoid crowds.



Red light district, is very famous place in Amsterdam.  It is sex-oriented area, which is actually quite interesting. It is similar to Pigalle district in paris where you find Moulin Rouge. There are loads of other tourists and it feels safe. It is worth  wondering about there for a bit.



This was our first time we visited a city for a night on the way to our main destination. We did feel that we had plenty of time to experience the city.

We liked the idea of stopping in a city for a day and it makes flights are cheaper, We have already booked flights for holiday in August and we will stop again in Amsterdam for 2 short days 🙂



If you have got any questions or suggestions for our next visit in Amsterdam, fell free to interact in comments below.

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