Burano the photographer’s paradise.


Have you ever seen those photos of Venice that show colorful buildings? Those aren’t from the main island of Venice, but Burano.
Families used to paint their homes in bright colors to mark, where their family’s quarters ended and a neighbor’s began. They also wanted to make their houses more visible from the sea. The tradition has carried over centuries. Today, Burano is a rainbow of fun, full of bright colorful building with water canals between. It makes a perfect attraction for tourist and photographers visiting Venice.



How to get to Burano from Venice.


Since there are no roads in Venice, people use Vaporetto – public water-bus. This is what you should take to get to Burano. There are many stops on the Grand Canal as well us around the island. We found water-bus maps very clear and easy to navigate . It is also connected with Google Maps, so you can check what line you should take to get to your destination. To get to Burano island it can takes about 45 minutes from the north of Venice island. It is a very enjoyable ride. It cost only €6.50 per person. A water taxi will set you back much more—around €130 each way.



Where to eat.


Burano is a working fisherman’s island. You can get there super-fresh seafood much cheaper than in Venice. We would recommend you to try food in Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero restaurant. We ate there and was great. All the pastas and desserts are made in-house and the fish is obviously fresh and delicious.





What to do in Burano.


Explore and take photos, of course!

We haven’t done much research into what to do in Burano before getting there. We just wanted to go, explore and photograph as much as possible. There are so many different colors to capture and all street are beautiful, magical in its own way.


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