Durdle Door and Corfe Castle in Dorset UK

Do you live in UK and looking for a weekend escape? Or you are visiting England in the near future and planning to explore more than London. You should definitely consider stopping by in Dorset to see beautiful countryside and coastline of South West England.

Very often when planning holiday we start looking at the flight tickets. That is like an ultimate step ONE. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You can always find very interesting places to see in the country where you live!

We live in United Kingdom and decided to explore Dorset county. Incredible cliffs, Durdle Door and Corfe Castle, which ruins dates back to the 11th century. These are stunning places to see, but are very often skept by tourists. Dorset is a very traditional part of England, with British villages and countryside.

Dorset UK Map

Durdle Door

It is the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Stunning white cliffs and pebble beach overlooking on beautiful Durdle Door arch are one of the most incredible natural places of South West England. If you see this photos you probably wouldn’t guess it was taken in UK. We are very proud to live here and being able to explore locations like this one.

Dorset Durdle Door partimetravelers UK

Dorset Durdle Door part time travelers

Dorset UK Durdle Door UK

Dorset Durdle Door partimetravelers

Dorset Durdle Door partimetravelers UK

Dorset Durdle Door UK

Dorset UK Durdle Door England

Dorset Durdle Door part time travelers


Corfe Castle

Unfortunately we cannot appropriate the beauty of the castle as it was destroyed during Civil War, but there is definitely interesting part of history still there. Castle was built on the hill in the medieval village Corfe Castle. All that together makes the perfect place to visit and learn more about English culture.


Dorset Corfe castle partime travellers

Dorset Corfe castle partime travellers

 Corfe castle Dorset UK

part time travelers

Dorset UK

 Corfe castle Dorset UK

Dorset Corfe castle UK

DORSET england


We have spent the whole Sunday afternoon walking around ruins of the castle . After that there wasn’t anything better to finish sightseeing than having a traditional Sunday Roast in The Grayhound Inn restaurant overlooking at the castle. Garden had the best view in town and the food was delicious.


Dorset Durdle Door part time travelers UK

Corfe Castle greyhound inn



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