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Environmental lesson learnt from Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap!

We all know that travel makes you more educated. You never know what you will learn on your next trip. This time when we visited Cambodia we had a great lesson about environmental issues and their impact on everyday life of the society.

Staying in Jaya House River Park hotel and connecting with employees and management made as more aware of the environmental problems. We have heard few shocking facts which definitely changed the way we think about climate situation.

Where did we stay?

During our time in Siem Reap we have stayed in Jaya River house hotel (Booking). It is very private and luxurious place for people looking for high quality holiday in Cambodia. Great design and pure Cambodian style makes you choose this hotel over other resorts. Hotel has 2 swimming pools, rooftop bar/restaurant and spa. On top of that you will experience amazing service. Everyone is so kind and happy to talk to you about the history and life in their country.

Behind that luxury there is a very forward thinking management of the hotel. Their main goals are to improve the life quality and save Cambodia from environmental issues such as global warming. Cambodia is the first country which is being affected by all the climate changes. There are more and more irregular rainfall, floods and the temperature goes up what makes the living difficult.

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Plastic free hotel

Jaya House is extremely environmental friendly and it contributes to saving the planet. Hotel is proud of theirs plastic free strategy. That means there is nothing made out of plastic there starting from furniture ending on water bottles and coffee capsules! This little actions are not only helping to save the planet directly but also raising awareness of issues and encouraging their visitors and other hotels to follow their steps.


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In average each Cambodian person uses 52 plastic bags per week what makes 2700 a year. Reducing the production of plastic can affect the climate change what is essential to save countries like this one.

Cambodia has been ranked among one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in Southeast Asia. The impacts may already being felt. Between 2005 and 2012, the United Nations Development Program estimates that more than 22,000 Cambodians were affected by flood or drought.

Refill not landfill – recyclable bottles.

One of other campaign which is heavily promoted by Jaya House River Park is using metal water bottles instead of plastic ones. You can refill them everywhere around the world. It is another step to reduces the amount of plastic being produced.


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Cleaning litter from rivers.

Unfortunately there is loads of plastic bags ending up in rivers which are sources of food. Often, there is plastic inside of the fish! Jaya’s employees are trying to help to solve this issue and clean most of the rubbish from the local area. It is another way of teaching the community about existing problem.


Cambodia Climate

Cambodia Environmental Issues


It is great to see the effort of community to fight ecological problems, which are badly affecting Cambodia.

The country hasn’t got enough resources and power to protect themselves from climate changes. This hotel tought us how much we can contribute in saving countries like Cambodia by changing our habits and being more aware of the impact of our choices.

To prove how much the little change can do I give you an example of United Kingdom which has introduced 5p charge for plastic bag last year. The usage has changed by 85% in first 6 months (from 7bn to 500m).

It is amazing to see how environmental friendly are places in 3rd world countries. Hotels like Jaya House River Park are actually putting much more effort in saving our planet than big well known hotel chains which have many possibilities for a big impact on environment!


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