Luxury Escapes Magazine

When you travel, because you love it, there is nothing more rewarding, then collecting all those moments, learning about new culture or meeting new people. This is what we have been doing for last few years, and shared that with you since 2017 on PARTIMETRAVELERS!

In last two years we have visited many outstanding destinations, which we have always dreamed about in the past. We are very lucky to stay in all these incredible places and to share all experiences with you here on the blog.

Our passion for photography and travel, hard work and authenticity have been recently recognized and rewarded by one of the new travel magazine – ‘Luxury Escapes‘ . It is an honor for us and a moment of pride to have our photo from Seychelles featured on the cover page of this Magazine!

This achievement shows that everything is possible. It make us very motivated and inspired to take more photos and continue to travel the world!

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