Masaai Mara

When you go to Masaai Mara National Park, you are definitely there for a wildlife adventure, you are there to explore the remote places and see the most impressive animals in the world.

This park is located about 6 hours drive away from Nairobi. Once you are there you want to make the most of your holiday. That is why choosing your lodge is a very important part, as it is not only the place you sleep but also an extension of your experience.

Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge

We have spent 5 days in Mara and we were very lucky to stay in 2 different lodges in opposite sites of the national park. First 2 nights we have spent in the amazing lodge on the top of the hill called Mara Engail Wilderness Lodge.

Welcome dance

When we arrived to the lodge we had to change from our jeep to 6×6 vehicle which is the only way to climb 2000m up to get to the lodge. As you imagine that means – a great view for Masaai Mara.

Once we got there we were Welcomed by local Masaais by the traditional dance. Straight away we knew we were going to love this place.

Luxury tent

In the lodge, there is a selection of large tents. They are very private and extremely impressive when taking to account where you are! Our tent had more than you expect from being in the wild. Large bedroom, with bathroom and balcony with stunning view.

Food with the view

One of the unique things about this lodge is the location on top of the hill with an impressive view. The restaurant is built in the place to give you the best view, so every day when you eat you appropriate the vast area of Mara. The view reminds you how remote the Masaai Mara National Park is.

On one of the evenings, the lodge organized for us an amazing outdoor sunset dinner with Masaai activities. It doesn’t happen often that we can dance with masaais and eat next to the bonfire in the middle of Africa 😉

The Garden

Everything we ate was very fresh and very well cooked. You would wonder how is that possible to have all these ingridients in such a remote place. It is simple. Mara Engai has their own garden, where all the food comes from. They can take you for a tour around and We would highly encourage to do so.

The lobby?

This is the place where we spent our evening resting after the full day of game drives. After the day like that, you want to sit down by the fireplace and talk about all the excitements you have experienced in that day. Mara Engai has a great area where you can come and rest 🙂

Spending time on safari is such a different experience to our everyday life that it is even hard to express through words. Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge made this experience even more memorable! It was a great place to stay and we will always want to come back!