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‘All roads lead to Rome’ is not just a figure of speech. In ancient times all routes did indeed radiate from the capital of the Roman Empire.

In this post we will try to give you some useful information for short break in Rome (3 nights). What to see , what to do, culture tips and practical advises.

We don’t want to overload our blog with information and in this way we decide to put more images and short descriptions.


  • The Colosseum. Ancient Rome’s spectacular arena


  • The Roman Forum. Imposing ruins mark the hub of the ancient city that ruled a vast empire for centuries.


  • Arch of Constantine. Celebrates Constantine’s victory over his imperial rival Maxentius at Saxa Rubra.


  • The Pantheon. Ancient Rome’s best-preserved monument- its ceiling is an amazing feat of engineering.


  • The Vatican. This tiny sovereign papal state stands at the heart of the Roman Catholic world.


  • Michelangelo’s masterpiece. The basilica’s most worthy artistic treasure, Michelangelo’s Pietà.


  • The Trevi fountain. Unfortunately the fountain was being restored, but I’ve thrown a coin to guarantee my return to Rome.



If you love exploring, history and culture Rome is the city for you. There is no need of using any transport just book your accommodation in the city center and enjoy walking. You will find stunning architecture and monuments which are still inspiring civilization.

We walked for hours and hours, and we managed to see everything what we’d have planned.

We decided to visit the Colosseum, it’s the symbol of Rome, it had capacity of 50.000 spectators. Our trip was in January and there was 2 hours long queue to get in. I would suggest you to pay for organize tour with a guide. It is just a little bit more expensive than the entry ticket but you skip the queue (it saves you 2hours) and you learn a lot of history.  In the price there is an extra tour included to the Roman Forum. We definitely recommend you this tour, you won’t get bored, and guides are fun!



After the tour we spend some time in the Roman Forum, which gives you opportunity to take many good photos.


Next stop is Vatican. If you are catholic going to a mass it’s a must. We went on the Sunday morning and having the pope blessing you actually gives you shivers.

Food time. There are so many restaurants around. Just try to avoid places with pictures of food and you won’t fail. We found restaurant with great atmosphere, where even the waiter serenaded us. Food is not as expensive as you would expect in the center of Rome.


There are so many beautiful streets and places where you can end up accidentally. Just walk, get lost and explore amazing sites of Italy.




It was such a romantic trip. Italian culture is full of great food, music and very welcome smiley people.

Rome it’s still one of our favorites cities and we will go back there in future.


Photography is our strong interest. We will share with you what cameras we use, tips for taking good photos, setting and overall experience.

On this trip we mainly used Nikon Coolpix p520, along with GO PRO Hero 3 and Iphone.





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