When we planned our honeymoon we knew that we want to go for an adventure, explore new places, and taste new flavours, but we also knew that we want to find the paradise! And that has happened … our last stop – Seychelles. Its natural beauty leaves you speechless and lets you relax like nowhere else. In this post we will show you how we have spent our 5 days in Seychelles, across a few different islands!

From Nairobi to Mahe

Kenya was our previous destination, where we spend almost 2 weeks exploring different parts of the country, and if you haven’t seen it yet, we encourage you to look at few other posts on our blog. Kenya was the most adventurous part of our honeymoon, which we decided to end in pieceful Seychelles. We took the flight to the main island Mahe, where we changed to take another plane to Praslin.

Paradise Sun

After short flight we drove to our Paradise Sun hotel which was on the East side of the island. All the way we were impressed with the nature of this place, so green, loads of palm trees with gigantic leaves, this is something we will never forget. When we checked in to our accommodation we already felt relaxed and impressed with everything surrounding us.

Mini Moke

Have you ever seen those small funky cars? That is definitely a must when you are visiting Seychelles. There is one company Capricorn Sun, where you can rent them, and you should definitely do that as soon as you decide to fly to Seychelles. Moving around in those little cars, brings your exoic experiance to the higher level. Just have a look, how well they match that place!

Explore The Island.

We already had the car so that is the time to explore the island. There are few places we visited and every single one was outstanding.

  • Hike to the top 

It is about half an hour to get to the top. We joined the tour guide and learn a bit more about everything what surrounds you. From the top, the view is amazing, so it is worth climbing up there!

Coco De Mer – The world’s largest and heaviest nut which grows on Seychelles.

  • Sunset in Anse 

Are you a sunset person, even if not, you will enjoy spending the evening on the beach with this beautiful nature around.

  • Curious Island 

It is just a short boat trip away from Pralin. There are over 200 giant turtles living there in their natural habitat. Amazing experience where you are sitting on the beach, and there is one of this giant coming to you unexpected ! 

La Dique

Does it look familiar? La Digue have some of the most famous beaches, even considered the most beautiful in the world. The best way to explore it is to rent bicycles for a day, there are no cars there and few cycling paths so you can easily get around. After spending a few hours in this paradise like place, we headed east to explore other beaches. The whole experience is very relaxing. For lunch we went for authentic Creole food. I have chosen fish curry and that was very delicious.

Mahe for a day

As you know we don’t like to stay in one place for too long, we feel that there is so much more around us. From that reason spent a whole day on the Mahe island before our night flight to Europe. In that way we were quite close to the airport and we knew that we won’t miss the flight. We spent some time on the beach and went for the last meal, thinking back about everything what we have done in last few days.

So far from all destinations we visited, Seychelles is the most exotic, the nature stunning and the atmosphere so relaxed. We can understand why so many people call it paradise. One day we would love to come back there.

We couldn’t wish for a better honeymoon then the one we had!