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Amboseli – the last stop in Africa of our Honeymoon, what an incredible stop! We are so glad, we have decided to stay there! One of the most breathtaking views we ever have seen. When we think of the classic safari image, we think of Elephant standing in front of Kilimanjaro and this is what we saw!

It is much smaller than Masai Mara at around 400 km² but with an elephant population of over 1500, it has one of the highest concentrations of elephant of all of the African national parks.

If you like elephants, no doubt, you will LOVE this place.

We decided to drive to Amboseli, so we could learn more about Africa and the reality of the population that lives in non-touristic places of Kenya. As we drove towards Amboseli, the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro came into view and although the top was shrouded in cloud, we were both still excited to see Kilimanjaro for the first time and his grandiosity!

We couldn’t wait to see famous elephants of Amboseli which are the most studied in all of Africa. They have been observed by the Amboseli Trust for over 40 years and most of what we know today about these beautiful creatures comes there.

Elephants, zebras, hippos, wildebeests, ostriches and many, many more… we got closer to these animals on this safari than ever!

Satao Elerai Lodge

We stayed in an incredible, luxurious lodge Satao Elerai and our tent was just breathtaking! From the amazing interior to the dreaming views! Waking up every day with Kilimanjaro just in front of us was a dream come true and we can’t explain the feeling of our first sunrise in this amazing tent!

What a view!

This lodge truly gave us the chance to experience the flavors and romance of real Africa at its very best.

Food o’clock

The restaurant is a la carte and food was full of flavors.

All the meals you are enjoying in very authentic lounge area, build of the local materials.

Sunset time!

After everyday of game drives and seeing all these wild animals, the sunset makes you feel that you are in the Lion King film!

Hike with a view

One of most spectacular hikes we done in our all life. The views were just unbelievable, and we learnt a lot about different plants and trees! If you are a photo lover you will love this!

One of the biggest advantages of Satao Elerai Camp is the location. It is built on its own private conservation area. Guests have the chance to view wildlife in private surroundings and… It is the closest lodge to Kilimanjaro mountain!



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