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New Forest in UK

New Forest UK Hi Everyone, We are continuing to share with you different locations from the United Kingdom. We have been recently shooting in New Forest, Hampshire UK. We also made a  short video which we posted recently. The New Forest is the natural area on the south of England with loads of forests, wild animals, and Read more about New Forest in UK[…]

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Your ultimate Porto travel guide.

  Your ultimate Porto travel guide.   Why is it the best Porto travel guide? I was born and lived in Porto for 23 years. When I read guides and reviews about this city I often find them very generic with some irrelevant attraction/restaurant recommendations. Today I would love to share with you my in-depth Read more about Your ultimate Porto travel guide.[…]

Travel inspiration video travel blog

Travel Inspiration (VIDEO)

Travel Inspiration We would love to show you our short video of the recent trips we have done! You can read more about all this trips on our page, all tips and photos which might help you to choose your next travel destination!   CM

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Environmental lesson learnt from Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap!

Environmental lesson learnt from Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap! We all know that travel makes you more educated. You never know what you will learn on your next trip. This time when we visited Cambodia we had a great lesson about environmental issues and their impact on everyday life of the society. Staying in Read more about Environmental lesson learnt from Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap![…]

Switzerland adventure with locals

Switzerland adventure with locals

  Hi everyone! Easter weekend is the perfect time to write about where the best chocolate in world comes from. “Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth is lying.” Unknown We will share our amazing four days in Switzerland with you. Claudia cousin- Deise lives in Switzerland. We were invited to visit her Read more about Switzerland adventure with locals[…]


Hi everyone… if you follow us on Instagram you saw that we have been in Morocco last September. For me and Michal was one of the best holidays we had. It was our first trip to Africa.   Why ? Morocco has to offer the amazing weather, great food, tasty tea, beautiful gardens and museums. Read more about Morocco[…]

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‘All roads lead to Rome’ is not just a figure of speech. In ancient times all routes did indeed radiate from the capital of the Roman Empire. In this post we will try to give you some useful information for short break in Rome (3 nights). What to see , what to do, culture tips Read more about Rome[…]

Claudia & Michal

Hi everyone. You are welcome to another travel blog like many others… we know … but since we met, we share same interests – TRAVEL and PHOTOGRAPHY. We have been thinking about starting a blog to share our experience, tips and photos from our adventures .  We hope that this blog will encourage you to take your camera and Read more about Claudia & Michal[…]