Kenya is an incredible country, which all of you recognize from amazing safaris and wildlife. Today we are excited to share with you our best experience in Kenya! It was our stay in Cottars Camp 1920’s – one of few original camps in Africa. This place has a huge history of Cottar’s family and first African explorations. On top of that, it is one of the most luxurious places in Kenya, and this is what we want to share with you the most!

Cottars camp is located in the South East part of Masaai Mara, very close to the border with Tanzania, which we had explored during our game drives.

Our home for few days

We have stayed in a beautiful stationary tent with a stunning view. We couldn’t believe that we were in the middle of Africa in such an amazing place.

If you are planning your dream safari experience and you are in the bigger group or with family, there is something that Cottar’s camp got for you – Bush Villa. It is a very luxurious house build on the hill. The place is massive and it even has the private swimming pool. 

There are few more parts of the camp which impressed us so much. One of them was the main tent, where you could relax during a day with your favorite drink, have lunch and come for an unforgettable dinner with other guests of the camp! There is so much history of the first exploration from the last century, loads of authentic  accessories and original photographs.

Buffalo Rolls-Royce

Outside of the main tent, there was a fireplace. Just next to it was an incredible vintage Rolls-Royce, still working! I have studied car design, and this car made me very impressed, specially that it was in the middle of Africa!

Not to forget the modified badge on this unit!

Eating time

We couldn’t believe that food can by so delicious and served in such an elegant way in that remote place in Kenya. 

Game Drives

Apart of the luxury which surreunds you everywhere, you are there to explore the area and see the wildlife. That is why you wake up very early – before the sunrise – to be able to capture the best action!

..but before we start.. wake up call with the coffee 🙂 


..then after few hours we need to find the safe place to stop for another coffee!

Bush walk

It is unique activity you do when you go for safaris.

After we came back from the game drive and relaxed a bit, we went for a bush walk. It was a great experiance where we learn few new things.

Now we know what the eye drops are made from.. they come from the plant.

On the way back we were caught by tropical rain, that I couldn’t believe in the first place. It rained like cats and dogs for about 15 min. Likely our guide forecasted the rain very well, and we got to the local shop with souvenir before the rain started.

It’s shop/gallery where you can actually learn a bit more about the culture of people from surrounding areas.

After the rain stopped, we saw double rainbow!

The dream Bath!

We are bath lovers and this will stay in our memories forever.. hard to beat! 

On one night after dinner, we had this amazing canvas bath prepared in our tent, which explorers in the past used to use, well still using 😉 It was full of the local herbs and oils, that made it so special, the smell was very intense and unique. That was our highlight of the 1-month long honeymoon!

Lunch on the game drive

When we look back to this photo, we compare it to our everyday lunches at work.. quite unique!

Very authentic Masaai Village.

We visited 2 different villages when we were in Kenya. And we can actually see the difference between them. One of them was more tourist orientated, with the actual masaai tour guide. 

Another village we experience was purely authentic, we were not expected there, and treated in very natural way as guests. We are so thankful for having a chance to be able to see this kind of places and learn about living in different parts of the World.

And that it the time when we had to go back to Keekorok airstrip and fly back to Nairobi before our next adventure to Amboseli Park in 2 days!