Time for Zanzibar

After spending first few days of our Honeymoon in Dubai, we took flight to exotic Zanzibar.

The beautiful island of Zanzibar is one of these dream destinations and it was on our bucket list for a long time. As soon as we decided to go to Africa for our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to stop there. There is much more beyond the white sandy beaches and the turquoise clear water, and it is what we want to share with you in this post 🙂

Baladin Zanzibar Beach hotel

Baladin Zanzibar beach hotel & restaurant is a boutique resort which is surrounded by turquoise tropical waters, palm trees and a white sandy shoreline. It is located just 5mins walk away from with famous ‘the Rock’ restaurant.

The resort has 8 spacious two-storey bungalows with a traditional makuti palmed roof.

We couldn’t choose a better place. It says honeymoon everywhere, the pool, the room, the outdoor bathroom! Everything was superb.


Prepare yourself to be in love with this place. If you’re looking for ideas for spending some special moments with your other half, we really recommend this part of the world.


  1. breathtaking sunsets

2. incredible restaurants

3. many places to explore

4. intimate beach walks

5. many candle-light dinners on the beach to enjoy at night

6. Numerous private tours are possible for the most adventurous

Pineapples and coconuts are a daily treat every day. For few USD you can get coconuts and do the right hydration!


In Zanzibar… it’s possible to taste a bit of everything as they have a multi-cultural influences from around the world. Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and African kitchen and many with are available in one menu in most of the restaurants around.

Sea Food

Eating lobster everyday was a dream come true, the seafood in Zanzibar is so amazing, if you are a seafood lover, you will love this place as much as we did

‘The Rock’

The Rock restaurant is one of the most original restaurants in the world. Located in the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach and sits on a huge rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

A world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar, and Italian love

When we think about Zanzibar, this restaurant will always be our my mind.

Stone Town

To truly meet Zanzibar you cannot miss a trip to the capital – Stone Town, which is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if it just one night in the city as we did, it’s enough to explore the capital and learn basics of the island’s history and life.

And the traditional African food market.

Zanzibar! We will be back!